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This is the second sustainable journal in our Earth day collection.  The cover of this journal is made of cruelty-free leather (leather that comes from animals that died naturally). In addition to this, the paper used in this journal has been created with pulp made by recycled scraps of waste textile collected from the textile industries and no wood is used to make this paper which is making this journal 100% tree-free, cruelty-free and fully sustainable.

Cruelty-Free Tree-Free Journal

Cruelty-Free Tree-Free Journal

In celebration of Earth Day 2011, we will contribute 25% of retail price of this journal to Evergreen, a Canadian charity whose objective is to make cities more livable. Evergreen has been engaging Canadians in creating and sustaining dynamic outdoor spaces – in schools, communities and homes since 1991. By deepening the connection between people and nature, by empowering Canadians to take a hands-on approach to their environments, and by providing innovative resources & grants Evergreen is greening our cities – now and for the future.

Besides, being a 100% eco-friendly product, this journal is a socially-made product too. This journal is made by an artisan cooperative in the state of Rajasthan, India. With the support of this cooperative, these artisans are getting fair opportunities to grow and are having a dignified life.

By purchasing this product you are helping improving the lives of the artisans, supporting the environment, and helping us help Evergreen in their endeavours in bringing nature close to our communities and schools.