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To celebrate Earth Day 2011, we are dedicating a collection of sustainable products from our Home, Gifts, and Fashion collection to raise funds for Evergreen, a Canadian charity whose objective is to make cities more liveable. In the month of April, 25% of proceeds from each sale of products from this collection will go towards supporting Evergreen’s endeavours in greening communities.

Besides various Common Grounds programs, Evergreen is engaging Canadians in community greening through various projects and professional workshops. Evergreen is empowering individuals, municipalities, community groups, institutions and corporations to come together on innovative projects and turn vacant lots into community gardens, naturalize open spaces, create habitat, and protect interior and perimeter urban greenbelts.

Evergreen’s Stewardship and Restoration projects depend on local leadership and they demand made-at-home solutions that respond to local needs and conditions. Their Community Development projects are focused on creating opportunities for low income and marginalized communities through community gardening and greening programs.

Common Grounds recognizes that limited financial resources and growing development pressures can challenge the ability of municipalities to provide sufficient amount of green spaces. To help overcome these constraints, Common Grounds offer professional workshops that promote creative, partnership-based approaches to protecting and stewarding green spaces in urban and urbanizing areas. The topics cover in these workshops includes:

• Urban green space planning: meeting the growing demand
• Urban development: a green space opportunity
• Building strong Stewardship programs
• Green space animation: breathe new life into your parks and public spaces
• Meeting local needs: a customized workshop

Long-term, ongoing community involvement is a key component of these projects and through these projects and workshops Evergreen is providing strategies and inspiring municipalities to develop home-grown solution for greening their surroundings.

This April, purchase a sustainable product from our Earth Day collection and we’ll contribute 25% of retail price to Evergreen. Help us help Evergreen in bringing nature close to home for us and for our children.