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This eco-friendly jute clutch is a part of our Earth Day collection. In celebration of Earth Day 2011, we will contribute 25% of retail price of this clutch to Evergreen, a Canadian charity whose objective is to make cities more liveable. Since 1991, Evergreen has worked to bring nature back to our cities and towns with funding, plant resources and nurseries, expert advice and organizing capacity. 

Sustainable Jute Clutch

Sustainable Jute Clutch

Jute, a fiber called ‘hessian’ in North America, is a natural, highly affordable, versatile, biodegradable and renewable fiber. Jute is known to have characteristics like high intensity, long durability, fire and heat resistance, and silky luster & texture. Traditionally Jute fabric, known as ‘burlap’ also, was used to make products like sacks and ropes. With recent technological advancements, Jute fabric is now used in making a variety of products including fashion accessories, clutches & bags, rugs, and table linens.

Besides being a 100% sustainable product this jute clutch is a socially-made product too. This clutch is made by rural artisans and weavers in the state of Karnataka, India, with the support of a cooperative that is providing an alternative form of livelihood to women in the non-farming sector and is building rural economies by easing pressure on agriculture. In this cooperative, workers are receiving benefits such as annual bonus, subsidized food, health insurance and loans besides their fair earnings.

This clutch is a perfect piece for eco-shoppers – for themselves or for a meaningful gift. By purchasing this clutch you are supporting the environment, helping improving the lives of the artisans, and helping us help Evergreen in their endeavours in improving the health of our cities – now and for the future.