I found a cool article in an Indian newspaper today about the power that handcrafts and artisans hold in the Indian economy. According to the Union Textile Minister in India:

handicraft exports have grown by nearly 25 per cent to $1,139 million during April-November 2010, from $912 million (Rs 4,412 crore) in the corresponding period of 2009. Exports in 2009-10 were $1,830 million (Rs 8,719 crore). The government has raised the target for handicrafts exports in 2010-11 to $2.5 billion, from the original $2.2 billion.

These handicrafts, including costume jewellery, hand-printed textiles and scarves, garments, bags and more, are sold in small and major retail outlets around the world. Not only do they improve the economy, but they also empower and help the lives of the artisans that are involved in the production of these goods.

With more and more data proving that the handicrafts industry is beneficial to the lives of artisans both economically and socially, we are excited to be apart of this growing space and bringing more attention to the amazing work of these artisans from every corner of the world.

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