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Recently, we tweeted about an article that was posted online titled “Is This the Time for Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship?” The article discussed how the recent economic crisis has created skyrocketing unemployment rates – leaving room for people to consider alternative means of employment. Allowing people to pull away from the desk job and explore their possibilities as a self-starter, an entrepreneur.

Everyone used to go to a place that had a physical phone with a phone number tied to that place.  Now, we have one number issued to us and we carry the phone.  This paradigm shift is mimicked in the workforce – work is based on where you are and defined by what you do, not where you go and what happens there.

This quote accurately describes what I mean – people are thinking about the concept of a job differently and this leaves a lot of room for things like entrepreneurship. With this trend becoming more and more mainstream – I think it is an exciting time for us. Yet this brings about the question, how do we ensure that this trend helps create sustainable change for our futures? Social entrepreneur, or social enterprise is clearly the solution, by considering the triple bottom line – we are creating sustainable solutions.

What are your thoughts?

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